A global investment firm providing financial services to HNIs and expats across the globe. The investment group is Europe’s leading premier investment banking group and as a progressive group also has launched multiple fintech apps for its customers.


Low Cost, Savings App

Catalyst is a low cost, savings app that offers modern investment products to help you build a globally diversified, long term portfolio.

Business Challenge

The client has a huge client base spread across multiple geographies in the European, Asian and Middle Easter continents. The client has a comprehensive fintech ecosystem offering apps such as digital wallet, trading apps etc. To further expand their fintech ecosystem the client desired to design a savings & investment platform which could offer its existing client base an instant, online platform to invest regularly and smartly.

The client also desired to expand the current client base by creating an online platform that can be accessed by anyone across the world. The client wanted a simplistic solution that would offer a seamless experience for anyone with access to smartphone to download the app and start investing regularly.

business challange

Our Solution

The aim was to create a simple and easy to use fintech solution that will enable even first time users to easily get on the platform and start using it. Our teams worked closely with the client business side to understand workflows related to multiple investment options that the client wanted to offer online. We configured complex and multiple workflows at the backend to ensure instant and real time settlements of all transactions happening daily. There was also backend integration with 3rd party services to ensure that all processes related to investing online including payments, loading funds and withdrawing funds etc are done without any delays. Special focus was also kept on making the whole onboarding and e-KYC process easy to help users onboard on the app within 2 mins. Since the client’s target consumers were first time & millennial investors hence special emphasis was put on keeping the UI designs simple and whole User Experience seamless.

We ensured that the entire backend architecture as well as the front end app platforms were configured to deliver optimum performance enabling for an instant and smooth performance. The whole ecosystem including app and backend were built using fool proof security measures such as tokenisation, masking, facial IDs, Touch IDs etc.



The Catalyst app platform offers an intuitive and seamless experience to users. It offers multiple investment options within the app and at the touch of a button. It is enabling users to start investments in various financial instruments either as one time investment or regular monthly payments and keep track of their investments from the app itself.

Salient Features

  • GDPR Compliant.
  • Open Banking/ PSD2 enabled.
  • Tokenization based cards.
  • OAuth 2/ Open-ID standards.
  • Chatbot based support.
  • Integrated Web based backend management.


  • Intuitive & Seamless user experience.
  • Scalable Architecture.
  • Data Driven Analytics.
  • Smart Reports.
  • Open APIs for 3rd party integrations
  • Integrated eKYC module

Framework and Technologies

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