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Cloud Computing is being widely recognized as a Game Changer and a major Disruptor

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Potential of Cloud Computing

Why do businesses need to realize the benefits of Cloud Computing as a new way to deliver & consume IT services?

Cloud Benefits
Less equipment, Less IT resources, scalability, robust & secure networks and continuous upgrades are amongst the many benefits of Cloud Computing. Cloud services allow entities to offload small or significant portions of Purchasing, managing & upgrading a data center. It allows for IT teams of Enterprises to scale up or scale down resources on a need-to basis.

Cloud as the Game changer
A majority of businesses have implemented Cloud or cloud based services in some form or the other. However most of them have not yet tapped the full potential of Cloud, with most viewing it as an IT solution. Cloud can be much more than just an IT solution, it has the potential to help businesses reshape and realign their business processes, create new markets, expand rapidly.

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Cloud Consulting Practice
Unlocking the potential of Cloud

QuadLogix Cloud Consulting practice is designed to deliver cloud applications empowering you to grow business exponentially while reducing operational costs. Our Cloud consultants will closely work with your IT team to define a roadmap towards adopting a Cloud environment, help your organization migrate to this environment and also build custom native cloud applications that provide immediate boost to your business efficiency.

Maximizing benefits from Cloud solutions

At QuadLogix the primary goal of our Cloud consultants is to ensure that your business starts making immediate benefits from the adoption of our cloud solutions.


Reduced IT Costs

Reduction in overall IT Infrastructure management, reduction in costs related to business processes and even reduction in extra manpower.

More Agile

IT teams are more flexible, have better control and can modify/enhance services as per requirements.


Having the Flexibility to increase or decrease infrastructure capacity as per requirements at reduced time enabling for greater efficiency.

Better Insights

Provide an environment of Business continuity and easy access to information which in turn helps to provide in-depth analysis and deeper insights that directly impact decision making.

As a first step towards deploying a cloud based environment at client side, our consultants work with client teams to assess:

  • The short, medium and long term benefits & impact over business after implementing a cloud based solution.
  • Applications or Business Processes that need to be moved over to the cloud. Preferably most businesses move to the cloud in a phase wise manner. This also includes assessing the application readiness to move over to a cloud based environment
  • Risks associated with Data security and Compliances as required.
  • What type of model – Public, Private or Hybrid to choose from?
  • Different Cloud Service Providers – their unique offerings, their pros & cons.

Once the assessment is over, our consultants collaborate with clients to prepare a business plan that outlines the roadmap to implementation. This Vision Blueprint will describe exactly how Cloud Implementation will be done, its impact in the short, middle & long term, associated risks for business, where the integration points are, the timelines associated.
A Technical Architecture document will be part of this blueprint and will highlight technical details of the Cloud environment.

With the virtual blueprint in place, our consultants and Cloud teams would start the process of migrating existing applications to the chosen Cloud service environment.
At QuadLogix the Implementation/Migration process has been designed on certain fundamental parameters of a Cloud environment -

  • Security – Data Privacy & Data Security is given top most priority. We give active consultation to clients liable Cloud service. We consider factors such as Disaster Recovery, Downtime policies, SLAs offered by different Cloud Service Providers.
  • Flexibility – Our expert Cloud consultants and our programming teams ensure that clients enjoy a high level of flexibility by providing customizable interfaces, generating custom reports on top of the Enterprise Cloud Solutions.
  • Scalability – Most businesses like to move over to a Cloud based environment in a phased manner. While designing the Cloud migration strategy (Vision Blueprint) our consultants actively plan for scalability to facilitate complete migration in a phased manner.

Our expert Cloud consultants & programming teams provide regular support to clients.
Clients have the option of selecting ongoing support in the form of monthly retainers or quarterly/half yearly support or on a need-to basis.

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Cloud Computing Practice
Key Metrics

Business Benefits

  • Optimum Resource Utilization
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Service level agreements
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Reduced Technology Spend

Why QuadLogix

  • Deep Domain Experience
  • Strong Technical Expertise
  • Innovation Focused
  • Affordable & Flexible services
  • Scalability as option

Common Features

  • Center of Excellence & Governance
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Audit Compliance
  • SLA & Reporting
  • Data Integrity

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Capabilities &

Exploring Possibilities, Enabling Innovation and Empowering Businesses with Cloud Solutions.

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  • Native Cloud Application Development
  • SaaS Application Development
  • PaaS Application Development
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Application Management Strategy
  • Responsive Front Ends
  • API Oriented Architecture
  • Migration & Adoption to Cloud
  • Cloud Software Stack
  • SDK Development
  • Auto Scaling with Sharding
  • Intelligent Workload partitioning
  • Cloudera
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Solutions
  • Azure Cloud Solutions
  • Rackspace
  • Go Daddy