The Client is a Private Limited Company based in London. They envisioned a mobile product that would revolutionize the way Therapy Businesses performed & managed their business.


Retail Banking

Clinicjot, a HIPPA Complaint iPad app that helps Doctor & Therapists manage all aspects of their client & clinics.

Business Challenge

The Client wanted an intuitive iPad application that would help the therapy businesses in managed their business efficiently. The iPad application should not only allow managing patient appointments but also capture medical records of each patient, recommended treatment, appointment notes, send out appointment reminders, create invoices as well as generate various reports that can provide insight on how well their business is performing.

The goal was to allow therapy businesses to carry their clinic wherever they go and do business from any corner of the world.

business challange

"QuadLogix have done a wonderful job that is well received by

us and Commercial Bank Financial Services. I am sure it will provide market insight offering and enhance our brand image as well.

Thanks to Snehal and the team for making it a smooth journey."

Venugopalasamy Jeevaraj

AGM, Head of IT Applications,

CBQ, Qatar

Our Solution

QuadLogix understood that the portal’s success relied on critical dynamic content being fetched from 3rd party sources (Qatar Stock Exchange). QuadLogix focused on building the portal on Microsoft’s core ASP.NET platform coupled with SignalR which allowed for real time information exchange with 3rd party sources. Further since this was to be an online trading portal, QuadLogix used components such as NVD3 Charts to deliver critical content to users in real time.

The entire trading portal was then designed to be web responsive with a clear mandate on making the entire navigation experience fluidic.



By partnering with QuadLogix, CBIS ensured a successful rollout of its new trading portal with an enhanced user experience. The portal’s responsive web design ensured improved user engagement by facilitating easy reading and navigation. With this engagement CBIS was able to reinforce its core value of customer centricity.

Salient Features

  • Dynamic data in real-time
  • Theme based UI
  • Compliant with Banking & Regulatory security policies
  • Dashboard & Customized reports
  • Live Data feed capture from 3rd party APIs of Qatar Stock Exchange
  • Multi-lingual (EN/AR)


  • Scalable architecture
  • Smart reporting & analytics
  • Intuitive & simple navigation
  • Responsive web layout
  • Real Time Web using SignalR

Framework and Technologies

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