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Automation using Devops

DevOps as an Emerging Practice

With businesses facing increased pressure to reduce costs and deploy the latest technology solutions, DevOps is the way forward!

Application Development Lifecycle – Challenges & Complexities!
Software is eating the world and this is challenging the IT organization to react and innovate faster while maintaining quality and incorporating feedback faster. The challenge is while development practices have evolved significantly the operations practices haven't kept pace. This is giving rise to challenges like :

60% of IT managers are not satisfied with the speed at which IT responds to business needs.
48% of IT professionals spend 50% or more of their time on basic administrative tasks.
93% of IT professionals cannot answer “What changed?” when an outage incident occurs.

Infrastructure is rapidly being virtualized and manual management of this sprawling estate creates challenges for the ops team like massive computing power to handle, access to more software than ever, and archaic tools and practices that make it hard to get great software in front of users rapidly. Devops for applications is moving quickly as well with increase in commit frequency and Continuous Integration and deployment pipelines.

DevOps Practice

DevOps Consulting Practice
Merging operations with development to facilitate collaborative changes

To succeed in this new world, your entire IT organization has to be transformed fundamentally to align towards the common goal of swiftly and consistently producing high-quality products and services. DevOps methodology is based on Lean and Agile methodologies and philosophy of Continuous Improvement and rapid product delivery.

Our Methodology

We believe DevOps is a journey and we can help your business to accelerate the journey through our DevOps advisory service. There are 3 key steps in our consulting engagement -

Evaluate current delivery, operations methodology, business feedback, and visibility of KPIs identified by the business for evaluating success and efficiency of IT to obtain a clear understanding of current Development to Operations delivery pipeline.

Identify the desired Development to Operation attributes and KPIs to measure the same, metrics, and analysis on which successful DevOps improvement projects can be built. You’ll get clear and objective picture of the current state of your organization’s IT environment as well as an understanding of where improvement efforts will have the most positive impact, where your organization’s investment will yield the best return, and what your organization’s next move should be.

Identify and execute next steps from people (Training/Mentoring), process (Reference process architecture) and technology (Configure and Install tooling) by benchmarking desired future state against current state.

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DevOps Practice
Key Metrics

Business Benefits

  • Accelerated Software Delivery
  • Rapid Innovation
  • Ability to adopt to emerging technologies
  • Improved efficiency & cost benefits
  • Effective IT management
  • Effective IT Budgeting

Common Features

  • Agile & Lean Practices
  • System oriented approach
  • Automation Tools
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Training & Support

Case Study

Ebbon Dacs

Capabilities &

Enabling businesses to respond faster to changes & improve continuously.

DevOps Practice

  • Puppet Labs
  • Dockers
  • Github
  • BitBucket
  • Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Automated Testing