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Ebbon-Dac's Appraisal Builder revolutionize the way automotive industry appraise, value and prospect vehicles.

Business Challenge

The client’s ecosystem consisted of multiple dealers with each dealer managing 120 different locations on an average and approx 3,000 to 4,000 cars vehicles per month. The client’s primary challenge was to conduct monthly appraisals of vehicles at different locations under each dealer. All the data generated was to be collated, processed and distributed for various reports. Such huge volume of data was being generated & processed manually resulting in inconsistent results which in turn affected monthly audits.

The client needed a solution where the monthly vehicle appraisals could be streamlined and controlled from a single point of execution.

business challange

"From the very beginning Team QuadLogix were

meticulous in their approach, efficient in their deliveries and effective in

their communication. We were able to see the progress of our project at all time and being an iterative process it was fun to work with them to create a unique solution for our business."

Matthew Jackson

Business Consultant - Product Development,

Ebbon-Dacs LTD

Our Solution

QuadLogix defined the entire solution on Microsoft Azure platform. The SaaS based Cloud solution was integrated with Identity Provider for achieving Single Sign-On among multiple application.

The web application enabled Ebbon Dacs to create dynamic workflows for capturing vehicle information & images that would assist in better vehicle appraisal. The iPad app enabled users to enter handwritten notes as well as annotate images from iPad. The user experience was defined in a way allow users to access any step of the workflow in one tap.



QuadLogix worked with Ebbon Dacs to build a scalable Azure based SaaS platform that allowed Client to reduce operational costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity. Simultaneously it promoted in capturing detailed information and images of the vehicle methodically by following a pre-defined workflow which could be dynamically modified by the administrator through web application.

Salient Features

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • Single Sign on
  • Workflow Customization
  • Dashboard & Customized reports
  • API for mobile platform
  • GPS mapping for Outcalls.
  • Payment gateway integration


  • Scalable architecture
  • Responsive web layout
  • Instant Vehicle Registration Data through API integration

Framework and Technologies

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