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The need for Testing and Quality Assurance

QuadLogix Software Testing & QA practice’s mandate is to do independent validation & verification of all development through the following process –

Our Approch towards Software Testing

QuadLogix’s Software Testing & QA practice is aimed at helping businesses reduce cost overruns, avoid risks and delivering high quality solutions.

Designing Test Strategy

Designing a Test Strategy

Our expert QA & Testing Consultants would start defining a test strategy that runs in parallel with the Business Analysis & UI/UX stage. Test strategy would usually comprise of test objectives, test phases, defining required test environment and using Software Testing Metrics – Requirements coverage, Defects Distribution as per sprints/phases etc

Test Plan

Test Plan

Based on the testing strategy, our QA & Software testing consultants prepare a test plan that would define the test tools, define the efforts estimate and define resource allocation as per project requirements.

Test Cases

Test Cases & Test Environment Setup

Our Testing & QA consultants comprehensively Create Test cases, Write automation scripts, review and rework written scripts & cases and Create test data. While this work is being done, in parallel our teams would also work with client teams to check client side environment, replicate test environments locally and carry smoke testing with dummy data.

Test Execution

Test Execution

With Test environment up & running, our expert Software Testers & QA consultants would then carry testing based on the test plan and test cases. We follow a 3 tier test cycle plan where each sprint is tested thrice to ensure a complete bug free build. We also use Continuous Integration to help testing team give feedback in a loop and enable development teams to fix bugs continuously.

Test Logs

Test Logs

Our project management tool (ZOHO) is used for logging each bug, each test cycle result and each sprint’s 3 tiered test cycle reports. Clients have complete transparency on issues reported, bugs logged and rework done by Development teams.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our expert QA consultants are professionally trained in Usability practices and we create separate environments for consultants to conduct usability sessions. Our usability process makes sure that solutions delivered provide seamless user experience.

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