QuadLogix Technologies accepts #10YearsChallenge

Have you joined the millions of people around the globe taking the #10YearsChallenge? If not, it might be time to join QuadLogix Technologies in showing how we have changed in the last 10 years! QuadLogix Technologies proves there is more than one way to complete the 10-years-challenge.

What is the #10YearsChallenge or #HowHardDidAgingHitYouChallenge?

2019 Began with setting up a new Viral Trend on Social Media – the #10YearChallenge also known as #HowHardDidAgingHitYouChallenge and #GlowUpChallenge. This Trend has been picking up speed on Social Media Channels with thousands of people and plenty of celebrities joining this Trend and accepting the 10 Year Challenge.
Now what exactly is this Challenge? In simple words participants upload two images usually side by side, one image would be taken 10 years back around the year 2009 and the other image would be a latest image of 2019. Now the point behind doing this is Self Love and to show the world how you have “glowed up” in the past 10 years. It indeed has been an inspiration for many of us on how to take care of ourselves first, no matter what the ups and downs we face in our lives.

QuadLogix Technologies sets up a new trend – #GrowUpChallenge

The #10YearChallenge trend has attracted people from all walks of life enthusiastically participating and putting up their own 2009 & 2019 versions. While the challenge has been mostly restricted towards individuals, there have been few brands that have jumped on this bandwagon to show their growth from 2009 to 2019. We were equally enthusiastic about participating in this challenge as a company & as a brand however what can an IT Consulting & Software development company possibly show when participating in this challenge?
To come up with a satisfying answer we started working on this using the same processes that we undertake while building leading software solutions for global brands. We started with brainstorming sessions, user stories, drawing boards and of course lots of coffee!!
We understood that while individuals can easily show how they have glowed up in 10 years, a company can’t simply glow up (unless it’s into cosmetics). So we thought we will twist ‘glow up’ and introduce a new hashtag – #GrowUpChallenge. This twist suddenly opened up a lot of possibilities because companies naturally grow up and not glow up.
Now it was fairly easy as we have grown up as a company in lot many different ways. From the basics such as from a single office location to multiple offices around the globe or from few handful employees to an attractive talent pool of human capital, all of these parameters were perfect to the 10 years challenge. For a company, surviving ten years is actually a long drawn, hard fought journey with its fair size of ups and downs. While all of this, of course, can’t be summed up within a single picture comparing 2009 to 2019, yet there are important statistics that we believe are relevant towards the growth a company needs to show as part of this challenge.

Our #10YearsChallenge

However best we try to fit in all of the interesting features that we believe should be part of the 10 years challenge, we still can’t fit everything. To overcome this we have put up simple stats of the company as part of the #10YearsChallenge that is shared across all of our social platforms. Similarly we have a more detailed version where we have put up not just the stats but also other interesting information such as the small SMEs & Startups that formed the core of our client base to large brands (Star TV, National Bank of Fujairah, University of Oxford etc.) who are today part of the QuadLogix journey.
We hope you enjoy reading each of the stats and features that we have shared as part of the #10YearsChallenge as much as we have loved preparing them.

#10YearsChallenge Full Image

How to Participate in the 10 Years Challenge ?

To participate all you have to do is share two side by side photos of you, your company, or anything you can think of ten years apart and then post it to your Facebook / Instagram / Twitter with the hashtags #10YearsChallenge #GrowUpChallenge and #QuadLogixTechnologies

Why to Participate?

If you are an individual wouldn’t you love to show the world how your personality changed from 2009 to 2019. If you are a company you would like to show the world how your company grew from 2009 to 2019. The 10 years challenge post has given us a platform where we can show the world how we as a company grew in the past ten years. After all the challenges we faced in the past ten years we have managed to grow our company from making less than $100000 per year in 2009 to making more than $3million in 2018 and an estimated $5million in 2019.
We hereby invite all of you to come and participate in the #10YearsChallenge/#GrowUpChallenge and show us how you as an individual or as a company have changed in the past 10 years

Note: Do not forget to use #QuadLogixTechnologies on your post because that’s the only way we would be able to see your post.

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