How Microsoft can help in Digital Transformation for business of any size?

Microsoft Power Platform

It’s not always that a new class of tools comes into existence that really changes the entire scenario. And it is even less common for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to have access to these transformation tools.

Microsoft Power Platform is contradicting this trend. It’s a set of innovative tools that can help you transform your business quickly and at a lower cost, particularly if you’re an SME.

Power Platform is the optimal way to create end-to-end solutions that will truly give you a competitive whether you’re creating apps, improving workflow, or automating the manual process of your organization.

We’re already witnessing the benefits of implementing Power Platform in our clients’ businesses. We want to help other organizations to gain a competitive edge as well. This blog provides a glimpse of immense possibilities.

If after reading the blog and you would like to discuss any of the tools in detail, you can book a call with one of our experts. We’re always ready to help.

Power BI

As your business grows, the amount of data generated will be huge, making its management and analysis difficult. Because of this reason, you might miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight from the data that helps your business excel.

Fortunately, we have Power BI, a suite of business analytical tools which helps in collaboration, efficiency, and productivity among various departments.

Power BI can quickly create a streamlined visualization of your most critical data for your business, whether on-premises or in the cloud, that everyone can read and understand at a glance. It allows you to make predictions using data generated from past and present. Whether you operate a small or large business, Power BI facilitates its implementation without requiring large upfront costs.

If your organization already uses Microsoft Cloud Solutions for data storage, it’s best to use Power BI to monitor your Azure environment more efficiently.

If you want to see how you can get the maximum out of Power BI, apply for a demo.

Power Apps

Power Apps created with a vision that it provides citizen developers, facility for creating and deploying applications for mobile and desktops using low code platform. The drag and drop feature of the low code platform allows users to add different controls such as fields, various media, forms, and screens catering to specific business needs.

You can create anything from a simple contact list application to a payroll management solution by connecting data from other services and external data sources. Power apps assist organizations to replace their outdated operations with cloud-based apps.

The pandemic has forced organizations to make their employees work remotely. They are adopting cloud-based apps so that their employees can communicate and collaborate working remotely.

Power Apps make building applications easier. Even so, guidance is needed to set things up and run seamlessly for your business. IT Specialists at Quadlogix will make sure that you leverage the features of Power Apps. To see how we can help, apply for a demo.


Power Automate

Many are familiar with the time-consuming data collection for marketing research, which requires manual processing and transferring of survey responses. Power Automate can collect and store information from questionnaires effortlessly and automatically. This optimization allows the employees to focus their time and energy on important works rather than doing repetitive tasks.

Power Automate can solve a wide range of problems in your day-to-day business processes. It enables organizations to save time and cost by automating repetitive manual tasks. Power Automate makes it possible for everyone to create an automated process workflow with its no-code/ low-code functionality.

Microsoft Power Automate can drastically boost the productivity of your business with its various kinds of workflow automation. According to their business need, users can create Cloud flow, Desktop flow, and Business process flow.

Want to know which workflow will suit your business, apply for a demo.


Power Virtual Agents

Chat-bots have already revolutionized customer support service by diminishing non-stop pressure on call centers. However, the deployment of a complex chat-bot for your website can take time and a lot of resources. This is where Power Virtual Agents change the whole scenario.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents let you easily create bots using a code-free guided graphical interface, with no help from scientists or data developers. It eliminates the gap between subject experts and the developer team charged with building bots by simplifying the use of conversational AI without having to write complex code.

  • Empower teams by allowing them to build bots with ease without coding or AI expertise.
  • Reduce costs by automating common queries, thus employees get time to focus on more complex issues.
  • Improve client satisfaction by enabling them to help themselves and solve problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using bots.

Want to know how deploying Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agent in your website will help your organization, apply for a demo.


With Power Platform, Automation and Digitalization have become very easy and affordable. If you want to know what your company can achieve with the help of the Microsoft Power Platform, contact us.

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